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Extraterrestrial Century(Exterra Century / EC)

Ice age is coming

Humanity has entrusted most of what was called l
abor in the 20th century to an AI robot called ANIMO.

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By the time the number of ANIMOs exc
eeded the human population, it was not possible to
supply the necessary energy and resources on Earth alone.

Therefore, human beings were trying to build
a space colony in space and establish a new
survival area.

Human beings have been inscribed in the land and the environ
ment where they were born and set history,
but the world where they have been reset has arrived.

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When it becomes possible to
select and create the
world to which each one belongs.

What is the ideal society that
people want?

If the created world is wonde
rful, there are people in it, and
if it is inferior, it will be forgiven.

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Humanity begins
to unite in the univer
se and explore
each of the ideal


Current situation

The current ranking of UNITOPIA in the world and various population ratios by political system are available in real time.


Integral game

Results from quests completed by individual players will affect their colony's finances, the progress of colonial facility construction, andthe progress of colony battles. (Much like its name, each small accomplishment achieved by the individual players will be integral in realizing larger goals.) High-level players and beginners alike can help contribute to their colonies. Advanced players and those who have just started can work together and freely enjoy cooperative play.

UNITOPIAPopular distribution now!

iOS 11.0 or later / Android 5.5 or later