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Contact Us

Please check Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before making an inquiry.

About inquiry

We do not provide support by phone. For all inquiries, please contact us from the support e-mail counter. Please note that we can not accept any questions about the game's capture methods or specifications.

About email reply

When replying, we will reply only to the email address you inquired.
  • ・Please be sure to enter a reply email address. (Recommendation of free email address such as Gmail)
  • ・Please check before making an inquiry, as there is also a spam mail filter set in the default settings.
  • ・If the domain is specified, please change the setting to receive mail from "@".
  • ・Please note that we may have time for a reply.
  • ・We do not reply to your comments and opinions, but we will review all the content and use it as a reference for the future.
  • ・Inquiries are accepted in English and Japanese.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but customer support towards inquiries on UNITOPIA is available only in Japanese.

Handling of personal information

Please refer to our "Personal Information Handling Policy (Privacy Policy)" for the handling of personal information.

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    ※ ID can be confirmed with "OTHERS" button → "INFO" button.

  • * Available models

    Ex: iPhone XS

  • * Available OS

    Ex: iOS 11.0.1 Android 9.1

  • App version

    Ex: 1.0.2

    ※ When you start the app, it is in the upper right of the screen.

  • *Area where you live

  • * Email address

    * Please enter the email address that you can reply to.

  • * Check your email address

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Regarding the handling of personal information
Please check our privacy Policy .

Please confirm the contents, agree to the privacy policy, and press the "Send" button.