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Autonomous AI robot has become essential to the activities of mankind. Concept for the "labor" by the spread of the Animo is in accordance with the instruction of human beings are embedded robot three principles is the major shift was .OS. Has a core that consumes large amounts of energy, They are online in the communication part of the head. combat, production, there is a size also various types of specialized in various fields such as Saguho.

Space colony

Was proposed by the huge artificial residence. O'Neill Dr. of space. Inside because it is built in. Infinite space that is to reproduce the Earth's environment, restriction of land and borders in the construction location, as on Earth there is no. there are colonies of various social system, people can or freely emigrated to the colony desired by yourself, or newly built.

Energy plant

Plants that are highly integrated in the form of organic capsules = Energy cells, such as energy vegetables and fruits made of solar biotechnology. To harvest the energy cell to harvest agricultural products. Animals were wild in the universe also come around to Energy plant.


One of the regime of the colony. Colonies command to be executed is determined by direct vote of all players living in the colony. The most number of votes a lot of commands to each day is executed. Votes is also possible to shift to Monarchy get together, most players colonies contribution becomes monarch.


One of the regime of the colony. One of the players the colony command to be executed is a monarch is determined. While decisions are clear and fast, monarch player will devastated and Failure to execute the command. Player other than the monarch who live can not be selected colonies command. If the monarch player has moved, automatically changed to Democracy colony.


One of the regime of the colony. Colonies command to run high player Top 20 people of the colony contribution is determined. By colony contribution, replaced the lawmakers player.

Energy cell

Organic capsule that had saved the energy. It has accumulated to compress the energy. Obtained in the quest or mission of the reward. Energy cell that has been acquired in the quest, the tax rate content is an asset of the entire colony, and the rest is personal income. In proportion to the colony population, the amount of energy required to maintain increases.

Colony News

Resident to the colony are news is flowing in the colony menu. During the state of emergency, such as a colony between during the war and riots during the occurrence turn red.

Ice Age of the Earth

Earth to glacial solar activity is reduced. Solar bio-energy, which has become the mainstream is less likely to generate a high efficiency, but tried to Tayoro to fossil fuel, also accompanied by air pollution is even worse reduction of the plant. On the other hand energy demand increases by the explosion of Animo. Mankind jumped out to the universe. Mankind to live on the earth is called the Terra People.


Common currency "Universal Coin". Block chain type. Quest and mission of the remuneration of the colony society, is USC, which was acquired in the are. Quest obtained in the shops, the tax rate content is an asset of the entire colony, and the rest is the personal income .


Or purchased in the mined outside of Earth gold "Exterra Au" .Shop, it can be replaced with a variety of things.

Space debris

Debris and artificial satellites, while others are flying in of garbage in space such as a space colony abandoned it. Parts and resources such as rare metals are included. High-speed, collision, such as in danger. Asteroid order to sail for relatively recovered easy things that have fallen on the ground and has become the target of mining who.


Although there are many things that come flying from the asteroid belt, some of which come from outer space. Or contains many resources, there are also those that debris of a collision are attached, become the target of miners and alien.


To residence at the beginning people to take to the colony world, one of the closest Monarchy colony to Earth. Monarch Agamemu. Since generally people will journey from the familiar here in the universe life, is referred to as a colony of the beginning.


One of Democracy colony close to the Earth. Monarchy in which people who feel dissatisfied with the consul of the monarch Agamemu of Achaia is then often visit. The Achaia in the rivalry.

Exterra Century (E.C.)

Extraterrestrial century. Era by the explosion of the ice age and Animo, that humanity is only on Earth that no longer be covered energy and resources, has built a new survival-speaking universe. The year in which the first corresponds of space colonies was completed is set to E.C.0001.

Earth century(Tera century)

Era that mankind had been the main survival area on Earth. Tied to a finite land and resources, human beings had been repeated only conflict.

Lagrange point

A physical track stable points between celestial, are said to be suitable for building a space colony. Asteroid in a specific Lagrange points are attached is named after the Trojan War.


Colony command

Carry out the policy of the declaration of war colony, such as to the facility of construction and other colonies. Such as voting or monarch of dogmatism or by the organization of the colony, determination method is different. Determines the 1 item a day, starts run from the next day. If resources such as USC and ENE colonies lacking Upon execution, the command is rejected.

Quest stage

The quest of the stage, a colony, Energy plant, construction sites, asteroids and various stages. The purpose is different for each quest. There is Animo specializing in each of purpose.

Raid Quest

There is a Raid quests and solo quest. Raid quest is going to be integrated is resident player of the clear results of the colony. For example, the integration of each player has also cleared the war quest many times is the damage to the opponent colonies colony war. Colonies contribution increases in accordance with the work.

Solo Quest

There is a solo quests and Raid quest. Solo quest is done player alone. The USC and ENE drawn depending on the tax rate from clear reward to enter the national treasury of the colony, the colony contribution increases.

Episode Quest

Regardless of the quest of the resident colony, quests that can challenge independently. You can experience a variety of episodes.


Clearing the challenges of the mission, get a reward. DAILY, such as WEEKLY, even those that are determined achievement period there.


And specific conditions are met, the title is given. Collect a lot of title luck. Themselves build a colony, also not be E If you do not operate title there.

Evolution of Animo (version-up)

Animo is level increases in the reinforced synthetic but, .RA that the model evolution in the evolution remodeling in the development dock (Ramidus) → AF (Afarensis) → HB (Habilis) → EC (Erectus) ... order high performance at the ( after evolution in LV1). evolution required level in the remodeling, it is necessary to specific parts.

War between the colonies

Colony command, or declare war to other colonies is determined, if it is a declaration of war from the other colony, begins war between the colony from the next day. Each resident to player clears repeatedly colony between war quest, trying to accumulate the damage to the opponent. Or the HP partner Central to 0, or 1 days have elapsed and termination.

Colony contribution

Or to contribute to the colony finances doing a lot of quests, or to contribute in Raid quest, and donate assets to the colony, colony contribution increases. There is a need to stack for each migrant colonies. Contribution colonies who have lived is retained as long as also the presence of the colonies settled.

Colony internal affairs


Democracy colony, determine the colony command to be executed by the vote of the residents all. Can vote in each category, in the most number of votes a lot of categories, is passed further most votes a large number of items. Since the vote from being executed even if not reached the majority, once a day, try to be sure to vote.


Monarchy colony performs a colony command to be executed by the consul command of the monarch player. The other hand other than the player monarch can not be selected colonies command, the monarch may in endless leave if the ruler of virtue.


The player can emigrate in freely chose the colony that suits you from a lot of the colony. The good colonies many players gather. When the population of the colony increases, or increased maintenance costs, security is likely to become worse. Zoos and there were colonies yourself gathered the information.

Colony construction

Raised to some extent the player level, when the asset is increased, it is possible to build their own colony. And building the ideal of the colonies that I think, it will gather fellow such as SNS.

Unit (facility)

Colony of Central and Energy plant, referred to as a unit the facilities such as defense turret. After construction and level up unit constructed in colonies command determination unit, to clear cooperate occurrence construction Quest (Raid), made in reaching the target.

tax rate

The tax rate to be levied from quest rewards can be determined for each colony. Enforcement of USC and the ENE, USC exchange as a resource of the entire colony, stored in the energy reservoirs, is used to perform colony command. Can also vary the rate at colonies command, colonies of different tax rates exist depending on the situation.


To donate USC and ENE of privately owned in the living colony. Such as when USC colonies can not be executed colonies command insufficient, it can be executed by soliciting donations. Colony contribution also increased.

Declaration of war

Upon determining declare war to other colonies, it begins the war between the colonies from the next day. The colony during the war can not declare war. Because when the reverse to the declaration of war from the other colonies would began forcibly colony between the war from the next day, it Totonoeyo ready.

Colony maintenance energy

When the population of the colony increases, ENE of the colony to be consumed per day increases. Firmly and go and Energy harvesting quest, Collect fellow harvest Quest has a favorite Animo.



Nabianimo a person have a single one. As in what was called a long time ago smartphone, it has become an indispensable part of people's lives. AI to understand the human emotions are mounted. Derived from the Australopithecus, which was discovered in the first period. Favorite phrase is "~ Nell"

Combat Animo

Animo specializing in combat. Form of humanoid type close to the people, such as large robot weapons type, also weapons and size there are various types. By the robot three principles of the limiter, can not attack that gives fatal to human beings.

Space wild boar

Own evolved wild boar to adapt to space environment. Seemingly brought in someone as one of those to reproduce the Earth's ecosystem, what was brought under cover in the plant for the production plant is not clear. Often devastate crops in the production plant.

Conqueror Agamemu

Monarch of Achaia. "The people one of the outstanding King of the original, is the happiness those who are governed" has been moved against the idea. To dominate and conquer all colony world is thought that mission. Mob rule are aversion to politics.

Pirate Toryo Mary

Discrimination is, collect the people who are oppressed, women have formed the universe Pirates Toryo. And make a living mainly in the looting. It is a beautiful, secret many fans.


Animo type: artillery

Movement is slow, but performed with high attack power long-distance attack. Such as it equipped with mortars, a wide attack range. Strongly in gun soldiers, vulnerable to quick melee.

Animo type: melee

Movement is slow, but performed with high attack power long-distance attack. Such as it equipped with mortars, a wide attack range. Strongly in gun soldiers, vulnerable to quick melee.

Animo type: Musketeer

Movement is fast. Combat Animo to perform a melee attack. Strong in artillery, weak on gun soldiers.

Animo subtype: defense type

Animo of the type that specializes in defense force. Armor is thick minute, low attack power, movement is slow.

Animo subtypes: flight

Animo of the type in which the movement is to fly. Due to the flight, it is possible to jump over waterways and groove, failure such as a wall thereof.

Animo subtypes: vs. base

Base attack is good at Animo, such as unit and Central. Mining and energy harvest is also good at type.

Level-up of the Animo

Animo is to level up by obtaining experience in the quest. By the level, HP, range, mobility, avoidance and increased.

Trying to reinforced synthetic

By combining the Animo each other, the parameters that to strengthen the Animo is possible. Strengthening the attack, defense, attack speed, which parameter is increased by a sub-type of synthetic material to become. Animo is determined.

Trying to evolution remodeling

Fight Let's evolution remodeling I thought painful. Back to LV1, but the performance of the Animo is up dramatically. Material items necessary for the evolution remodeling is available on the day of the week quest.

Combat quest

Strong to Animo Animo

There are Animo specializing in attacks on enemy Animo.

Rule 1: Defeat of Central

The stage cleared by defeating the Central that is on the stage.

Rule 2: annihilation of the enemy

And annihilate the enemies on the stage the stage clear.

Rule 3: boss Kills

The stage cleared by defeating the boss you are on stage.

Rule 4: Survival

If not wiped out until the time limit runs out becomes clear the stage.

Production Quest

Energy harvest is good at Animo

There are Animo that specializes in energy harvest in the energy production quest.

Strong wildlife Animo

Appear, such as in energy production quests, wild boar and locusts, bears, etc., there are strong Animo wildlife.

Construction quest

Construction is good at Animo

In construction quest, there are Animo that specializes in construction work, such as pillars.

Interpersonal to strong Animo

While most of the Animo can not attack the man, antipersonnel Animo is possible attacks on human beings. Such as riots and space pirates, the quest there are human beings on the other party is a Animo absolutely necessary.

War between the colonies


When declaring war is determined, after preparation of the 24-hour time, colonies between war to war. Doing a lot colony war quest in the living all players, will Kezuro the total HP of party central. Earlier on whether the total HP of party Central to 0, victory is better to have cut into many within 24 hours. For advanced quest is given a large damage.

Defense Battery

By keeping to strengthen the defense fort, when the rush to the colony war, it becomes difficult to the other party to clear the colony war quest. Central to the defense turret Similarly, the HP of each quest there is a total HP separately, the total HP is 0, the turret will not function from the next quest. Trying to strategically destroy the fort to cooperate.


Colony units: Central

Center facilities of the colony. With the core of the administration, it has met with, such as the internal facilities and AI in order to control the entire colony. Once destroyed here its colonies only not move minimal life support system. Facility to be the core of the colony.

Colony unit: Animo Institute

Research and production bases of Animo. Type of production can Animo is determined by Lv of Animo Institute units.

Colony units: Defense Battery

When the colony war, the cornerstone of defense who will repel the attack come Animo unit. When the colony between the war, appears as a defense fort at the other quest.

Colony units: production plant

Energy plant responsible for energy production. Construction, effective in gathering ENE in it to strengthen, become energy production quest is likely to occur, also increases ENE that can be recovered.

Colony unit: POLICE

When the population increases security is likely to deteriorate. Construction of the POLICE, improves the security value by strengthening, the occurrence of riots is suppressed, clear quota of riot Quest (Raid system) is reduced.

Colony units: observation unit

Unit that probed the like around the asteroid. Construction, effective in gathering USC and items in it to strengthen, requests for mining quest is likely to occur.

Colony unit: USC Exchange

Units for integrating the USC colonies held. Construction, USC maximum value of the colonies held to rise by strengthening, USC is reduced to be looted at the time of the colonies war defeat.

Colony units: Energy reservoir

Unit for storing the ENE colonies held. Construction, ENE maximum value of the colonies held to rise by strengthening, ENE is reduced to be looted at the time of the colonies war defeat.