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イベントキービジュアル イベントキービジュアル

An in-game event "Colony War"
will be held!

Idols, comedians, and influencers
will work with fans to become the
No.1 space colony.

The winning idol will receive
a prize of 1 million yen!

Now that live performances
and events are limited,
let's get excited together with co-op!

In-game characters In-game characters In-game characters In-game characters In-game characters In-game characters
period December 23, 2020-January 31, 2021 14:00 (Japan time)
Contents Within the period, the ranking will be decided by the point ranking among the colonies of the official mark.
Points are
◎ Among the colonies of influencer users who have been given the official mark, they will compete for the number of victory in the inter-colony war within the period.
* If the victory points are the same, the one with the higher colony development points will be ranked higher.
* Battles between colonies without an official mark are not counted.
General participation method Download the game app UNITOPIA and move to the recommended idol colony.
Please cooperate to raise the ranking of the number of wins in the inter-colony war.
Idol / Entertainer /
Recruiting participants at any time!
Click here for entry method →
* Entry is required to give the official mark.
* A Twitter account is required for entry.
(We will check your account to prevent spoofing)
Prize money 1st place: 1 million yen
2nd place: 500,000 yen
3rd place: 100,000 yen
* Prize money for participating idol influencers

UNITOPIAPopular distribution now!

iOS 11.0 or later / Android 5.5 or later