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UNITOPIA collaborates with users of
its own colony to perform raid quests and decide
commands to create their own space colony.
Smartphone It is a game app.
Please gamify with your fans like SNS.

In-game characters In-game characters In-game characters In-game characters In-game characters In-game characters
Main game flow Main game flow

Strategy site:

Entry method


1: Download the UNITOPIA game app.
2: Create your own account with UNITOPIA and proceed until the end of the tutorial.
3: Follow the official Twitter account for the game on your own Twitter account.
4: ,
・ Name (art name)
・ Affiliation (office name / freelance) )
-Twitter account name
-Please send the UNITOPIA account user name " E-mail ".
5: After confirmation by the secretariat, we will follow back from the game official Twitter account and send a message to confirm your account via DM.
6: You will be notified by DM of the monarch's royal colony with the official mark.
7: You will be asked to move to your own space colony.
8: Enjoy aiming for the No. 1 space colony with your followers!
9: Winners will be contacted by e-mail at a later date to confirm the transfer destination of the prize money.
* For the 1st place, in the case of an individual, we will transfer the amount after deducting the withholding tax.

UNITOPIAPopular distribution now!

iOS 11.0 or later / Android 5.5 or later